Arab Satellites Festival

News:The scientific Group for Legal Studies is to sign Co-Operation Protocols with the Mortgage Finance Authority & the Authority for Anti-Dumping and the Prohibition of Monopolistic Practices...... an interview with the Board Chairman HE. Dr. / Mofid Shehab Minister of Legal Affairs & Parliamentary Councils, accepts to sponsor the Conference of Illegal Immigration. The Scientific Group participates in the Course of preparing International Arbitration experts the Scientific Group participates in preparing Bill combating contempt of heavenly religions.

Elite of former counselors who had the honor to work in the judiciary and public prosecution in Egypt, and put on their shoulders the letter to raise the legal community, believing in their role in raising the banner of justice, converged them on the same goals an elite of legal professionals with their talents and expertise and with the assistance of a complete team work in various fields ..... (Read more)

By the end of the eighth round for multilateral commercial negotiations, the mot famous round amongst GATT rounds which lasted from 1986 till 1994, and which is called Uruguay round, the third rib of the Bretton Woods Institutions completed, which led before to the establishment of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank by the birth of the world trade organization {WTO}. This entity which located on the shores of Evian Lake in Geneva became the only power which put the rules and principles that govern international trade and solve disputes that arise between organization members, so the group, as a legal expertise hose, has concerned with dispute resolution means and dumping cases according to the organization rules, especially arbitration, duping cases, intellectual property rights and electronic trade..(Read more)

Sport, at this time, became the essential breath for populations, a lot of sports spread on the international level and their players became the stars of the international society, achieved a lot of regional, national and international championships {thanks to the great development in communication means and satellite}, united populations whether on regional or international level, encouraged the huge financial investments to it and established international and regional organizations and unions, which sponsor and supervise some of these games and issue laws and regulations that govern them, such as, FIFA organization which is the only organization that dominate football game all over the world, so, according to the increase of sports legislations and its impact on the international society and the lack of studies and professionals in this field, the group has directed towards it in steady steps in accordance with a complete plan to present a whole encyclopedia of sports legislations and to qualify the legal professionals in this field .....(Read more)

The ancients knew at the stage of pre state the customary and tribal judiciary to solve their disputes and retrieve their rights, and with the stability of the state idea and political systems, the judiciary came into the top of the authorities of the state as the only formal mean for Litigation and settlement of all disputes that arises inside the state, and with the huge technological development of transportation and communication means and increasing of the average of the international trade the official judiciary became inappropriate {because of slow and inespeciality} to settle commercial disputes which need rapidity and specialty, so, the legal thinking has invented what is called alternative means for disputes resolution which is divided to regular means and means from Islamic Sharia purview, such as, arbitration, mediation and conciliation.....(Read more)


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